Spencer Riley, better known by his moniker, The TVC, is an LA based DJ and producer.

Riley has created four outstanding EP’s that have been featured on Indie Shuffle, Paste Magazine, and LA Music Blog to name a few.

His songs can also be found on hit TV shows such as, This is Us (“Feels Like Home”) Vampire Diaries (“Now You Know”, “Move Up” ft. Connor Foley), Pretty Little Liars (“Alright” ft. Amir Girgis),

and Nashville (“Where I Wanna Be” ft. Jayme Dee) among others.

The TVC is Spencer Riley combining fresh and up and coming artists with his timeless, west coast inspired production.

It’s funky, it’s rock, it’s powered by an undying love for music and money.

The TVC follows up his biggest release yet, Kiss (EP), with another dynamic collection of rhythmic, energetic, and addictive tracks titled, "A West Coast Vision".

This collection of songs is Inspired by his family's legacy of hard workers, pursuing the American Dream. 

"A West Coast Vision"  captures the vibrant energy of Downtown Los Angeles, and it's unique blend of culture and art. 

After the release of "Keep Running" a short documentary by The TVC about a homeless rapper featured on The TVC track with the same title, Spencer is continuing his tradition of introducing fresh new voices on tracks like, "Got That Vibe feat. Cass XQ" and "Anything You Want feat. Garrett Hazen".